One of the most outstanding vocal acts of the 1970s (as nominated by The Stage and Screen Today)


In this modern era of digital downloads, the music of Robert Young has sadly not been made available through the popular mediums of iTunes and other download sites, and although remembered fondly by his fans, has not been available to potential new generations of fans.

I was a fan of Robert's in the 1970s, and have never forgotten his wonderful voice. In setting up this website, I hope to keep Robert's voice alive, and encourage fans to share their memories.

If you would like to contribute your memories, please contact me here



Thanks to John Van Buyten, who has helpfully supplied photographs and MP3 files that have made this website possible, to fans Jean Lamb, Juliet and Elaine for additional photographs, to Alan Walsh for his memories of Robert, to Reg Summerfield for sharing promotional material from the 1960s and 1970s and Robert Young junior for biographical information.

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