One of the most outstanding vocal acts of the 1970s (as nominated by The Stage and Screen Today)

What The Critics Said About Robert...

“... he has a strong exciting quality voice – to match handsome good looks and personality...’ – DAILY EXPRESS

“... guests were raving about the fabulous voice of ROBERT YOUNG in Morocco. He has had the same reaction in Tenerife and cannot wait for his next trip...”


“... his rich voice is equally at home with operatic melodies and pop songs...”


“He is the most handsome and charming singer of this decade. Not only is he lovely to look at, but he has a friendly personality and endears himself to everybody he meets...” – DERBY EVENING TELEGRAPH

“Robert Young... your voice is better than ever, your presentation superb... keep coming back!” – EVENING POST AND CHRONICLE

“... with a voice like LANZA and a personality as vibrant as TOM JONES, Robert can hardly fail!” – THE STAGE AND TELEVISION TODAY

“I know of no other voice in the world as capable of the range and warmth and sincerity of interpretation Robert introduces into every song.” – NORMAN NEWELL, Executive Producer, E.M.I. Records